Peter Powell Stunter Kites

Customer Support and Accessories

Customer Support and Accessories


Rip-stop bags to keep your kite neat and tidy between flying sessions.
Available for:

  • For solo-kites – single colour in the same range of colours as the kites
  • For triple-sets - can be supplied in a combination of colours to match or contrast with the kites.


The tubular (wind-sock) tails on Peter Powell Kites are detachable (they attach to the kite using Velcro strips). Replacement or alternative coloured tails can be supplied.

Flying Lines (with handles)

Standard flying lines - I pair of Gral flying-lines 120’ (37m) (breaking strain 20kg) supplied with one red and one blue handle.


Standard Spars - standard Peter Powell Kite spars are hollow fibre-glass tubes for lightness and strength. However they can get broken, especially if kites are crashed directly into hard ground. This doesn’t mean you have to scrap the whole kite, replacement spars (spine and side-spars) can be purchased from Peter Powell Kites.

High Performance Spars – Peter Powell kites can be fitted with carbon-fibre cross-spars, these are solid, but lighter and stiffer than the standard fibre-glass spars. This makes the kite more responsive, because there is less flex when the kite is manoeuvred.

High Performance Pack

Consisting of:

  • Carbon Fibre Cross-Spars - stiffer, light cross-spars make the Kite more responsive to steering and improves control.
  • 1 pair of "Climax" High-performance flying-lines 120' (37m) (breaking strain 60kg) with handles – these make the Kite more responsive and improves performance because there is less stretch in the line, so sharper turns can be executed.